Playmates Seaquest Commander Ford MOC

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Name: Commander Ford
Series: Seaquest
Subseries: Basic Series
Manufacturer: Playmates
Manufacturer #: 1502
Year Released: 1993
Height: 5 inches
UPC: 0 43377 01502 4
Age Range: 4 & Up
Genres: TV Series
Actors: Don Franklin
User Collections: 3 Users

Name: Jonathan Devin Ford
Rank: Commander
Assignment: Executive Officer, seaQuest DSV 4600
UEO Military ID#: CT366-9917-JG2
Security Access: AIA
Date of Birth: June 10, 1989

Character Profile: Driven and highly disciplined. Cool under pressure. Fiercely loyal. A serious by-the-book sailor. Above average intelligence reinforced by tireless work. Excellent command instincts.

Personal History: Was a positive role model in tough East Chicago neighborhood. Enrolled in academy at age 18. Graduated top of cadet class. Received record scores in diverse subjects. Earned Distinguished Service Citation for relieving Capt. Marilyn Stark of command during Livingston Trench Incident, 2017. Youngest ship's Executive Officer in the fleet, serving as second in command of seaQuest.

Mission Specialty: Responsible for seaQuest's 88 member Navy crew operations and all undersea Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) Missions.

The gun accessory was random packed in either orange plastic, or with black painted parts. This was true for all Seaquest figures.

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