Toy Biz Iron Man Animated: Grey Gargoyle MOC

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Grey Gargoyle used to be a renowned French scientist until he accidentally spilled one of his experimental formulae on himself. He later discovered that not only he could turn himself into a living statue, but while in statue form, he could temporarily turn others into stone. He also discovered that while his enemies were in stone form, he could inflict permanent damage on them.

Grey Gargoyle was a ‘bland’ figure to look at being made of grey stone. His body was a plain grey and he had painted blue gloves and boots on his hands and feet. He also came with a removal blue cape, which hindered his throwing action when worn.

Toy Biz did an excellent job of re-creating his stone features and hard straight lines and he came with some ‘crazy’ stone which he did though with his right hand. His head sculpt is probably the best in this series with nicely chiseled features. His right arm had a spring mechanism so when the crazy stone was placed in his right hand his arm could be pulled back and released, throwing the stone from his hand. He had articulation in his legs, knees, arms, elbows, and head.

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