Toy Biz Iron Man Animated: Dreadknight MOC

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Dreadknight with “Lance Firing Action”

This figure is based on the character of Professor Nathan Garret, the Black Knight, who genetically created a winged horse and an arsenal of weapons. When he died his winged horse flew away and was later found by the scientist Bram Velsing who worked with Dr Doom. However, Dr Doom discovered that Velsing was plotting against him and punished him by fusing his mask to his face.

Velsing took up weapons like those of the Black Knight and became known as the criminal Dreadknight.

This was an unusual looking and colourful figure. His lance had a spring action so when released it would shoot out, but like so many of the action features on these figures it either did not work or was poorly made and never lasted long.

He comes with a blue skull headed shield which clips on to his arm and a spring-loaded lance which, sometimes, shoots out. His cape is removable, but he looks a bit “strange” without it. He had the usual articulation on his legs, knees, arms, elbows, and head.

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