Kenner Vintage Star Wars ROTJ: Return of the Jedi GAMORREAN GUARD 1983 (LFL) ORIGINAL AXE Scarred COO LFL 1983

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(Return of the Jedi)
Date Stamp: 1983
Release Date: 1983
Carded Availability:
Return of the Jedi
Power of the Force
Assortment No. : 70670

Weapons and Accessories: Guard Axe

Point of Interest:
This figure first appeared on the Return Of The Jedi 65 back card.
Comments: It boggles the mind how accurate the vintage Gamorrean Guard really is. Even though this figure is a bit out of scale, if given a modern paint job it could easily fit in with the current line. A fact more or less proven when Pug-ugly here was (sort of) packed out as a new figure in the early Ninties… For the most part, the sculpt was retooled and used to produce the Friar Tuck figure from Kenner’s dismal Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves movie line.

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