Collection: HRO DC Multiverse Hybrid Trading Cards - LEGENDARY


Your gateway to a new era awaits! Enter the Hro community, only accessible via our unique Hro hybrid NFT trading cards. Utilizing blockchain technology, each physical trading card is unique and unlocks a digital NFT twin so you have 24/7 access to your collection – allowing you to buy, sell, trade, and compete with a global community of fans.

As the DC Multiverse continues to expand, don’t miss out on any of the action! Whether it’s physical Hro trading cards or their non-fungible token (NFT) twins, each item shines a light on an iconic visual from the past 85+ years of DC history. And from there, your Multiverse adventures can continue to reach new heights as you trade and collect different cards in search of special rewards and experiences.

Product Specs</strong></h4> Pack may contain any trading cards from the collection tiers below with the following odds in each pack:

Common: 41.04%
Uncommon: 27.57%
Superior: 17.15%
Epic: 11.79%
Legendary: 2.46%
Mythic: 0.05%

The future of collecting and trading is finally here. Welcome to the unique world of Hro.

All orders are processed through my Shopify store, which means all credit card numbers are encrypted so that no one sees the number, also all credit cards pass a stringent security check that ensures stollen card numbers are not used.

All orders are sent Royal Mail Domestic/International Tracked and Signed for. Common, uncommon, Superior and Epic cards will be sent in card sleeves between two pieces of card to protect them. Holographic and low mint cards will be sent in card sleeves and top loaders for extra protection. All cards will be wrapped in bubble wrap and placed in jiffy envelopes to ensure safe delivery.


I'm buying bundles of common + uncommon cards, scanned or unscanned.

Let me know how many you have!!

Do you have Superior, Epic, or Legendary cards to sell? I'm looking to buy!!

Send me your lists!

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