About Me

I have been collecting action figures since the early 70's. My first action figure was Action MAN. My brother and I save out pocket money up every week to buy new weapons, clothes and accessories for our figures. My brother general played the part of the German whereas I was the British, although occasionally we swapped as often my mother would buy us the wrong clothing or accessories! 

I also had the Kenner's Six Million Dollar Man figure along with a few of his accessories. This was back in the days before Star Wars and action figures were 12-inches in scale.

I've always been a keen collector but once I left home I didn't have the time, money or room to collector anymore and over the years, unknown to me, my mother gave away my old toys.

It wasn't until the early 90's I got into Trading cards and from that to Trading Card Games as a good friend of mine was managing a "Card Crazy" store in the same shopping mall as the Restaurant I was managing, so I often when down to hangout and soon got hooked.

So much so that I started my own online store in 1996 selling trading cards and trading cards games. Due to the success of my online business I left my lob as a Restaurant manager to open my own store, and shortly after that I added action figures to my inventory.

Unfortunately, in 2004 my business faced financial problems due to numerous case of fraud that caused me significant problems. 

It was also at this time that I met my wife in Thailand and moved there to start a career teaching English, but I always missed my the actions figures and so I started a new informational website on old vintage action figures.


Other the years the has grown to the stage where I have a FB Business page, a Youtube channel and a membership site and I also now have a warehouse in the UK for my online store for buying and selling action figures.