Collection: HRO Hybrid NFT Trading Cards Chapter 2 Black Adam Superior Cards

Our hybrid collection of action-packed physical trading cards (complete with digital NFT twins) has returned! Now, you can collect an all-new set of iconic art from DC's comic book history featuring fan favorites like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and so many more. In addition to journeying across multiple eras that span the past and present, we'll also celebrate how the hierarchy of power is changing in the DC Multiverse thanks to the release of "Black Adam" in cinemas around the world on October 21, 2022. Don't miss out on this thrilling expansion of our one-of-a-kind hybrid lineup (if you do, it just might be your villain origin story).


Each physical trading card is uniquely minted and connected to a 1:1 digital NFT. Simply open up the Hro mobile app and scan the QR code on the back of the physical card to unlock this feature, resulting in a digital NFT twin complete with Proof of Authenticity and Ownership validated by the trust/security of the Ethereum blockchain.

Common: 40.00%
Uncommon: 26.87%
Superior: 16.72%
Epic: 13.54%
Legendary: 2.82%
Mythic: 0.04%