Kenner Vintage STAR WARS: ROTJ: Return of the Jedi PRUNE FACE LFL 1984 NO COO

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What you see in the photos is the exact item that you'll receive. Each item is carefully packaged and shipped promptly.” Used: An item that has been used previously. Size: 3.75"
Franchise: Star Wars Country/Region of Manufacture: Hong Kong
Brand: Kenner Year Manufactured: 1984
Featured Person/Artist: Faces Year: 1977
Genre: War Character: Prune Face
Source: (Return of the Jedi)
Date Stamp: 1983
Release Date: 1984

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Return of the Jedi

Assortment No. : 71320

Point of Interest:
This figure first appeared on the Return Of The Jedi 77 back card in the United States, but can also be found on the Emperor offer Canadian Return Of The Jedi 65 Back card.
Comments: Generally speaking, vintage collectors disregard virtually everything the Expanded Universe has offered to the Star Wars community. Even though they still call him Pruneface instead of ...Orrimaarko..., all have to agree that the EU did answer the age old question that overshadows all others in the vintage community: ...Who’s this guy???... With it’s rather ambiguous card back photo, most collectors thought the figure was based on one of the myriad characters from Jabba’s Palace who got a millisecond of screen time in Return Of The Jedi. As it turns out, he ended up being a rebel dude from the second act... who only got a millisecond of screen time in Return Of The Jedi.

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