Character Options Doctor Who Series 2 Toby Action Figure 2005

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Character Options have long been synonymous with quality Doctor Who products. Fans of Who have come to know that Character Options name on a product usually means high-quality merchandise. Thankfully the company's new 2007 line of Doctor Who toys build on that reputation. 

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Toby Zed had a quiet manner, though Rose also upbraided him for his dramatic nature, calling him "Chief Dramatist". (TV: The Impossible Planet) While attempting to use the personal fears and weaknesses of the Doctor, the crew and Rose against them, the Beast revealed to the others that Toby, already into his twenties, was a virgin. (TV: The Satan Pit)

While the Beast took him over, Toby's irises turned red and ancient script appeared on his body. He displayed a form of telekinesis, survived vacuum unscathed, spoke with the voice of the Beast (TV: The Impossible Planet) and could issue flame from his mouth. (TV: The Satan Pit)

Product Specs

Character: TOBY
Type: Action Figure
Year: 2006
Character Family: Doctor Who
Packaging: Original (Unopened)
Brand: Character Options

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