Character Options Doctor Who Series 3 Martha Jones Action Figure 2006

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Character Options have long been synonymous with quality Doctor Who products. Fans of Who have come to know that Character Options name on a product usually means high-quality merchandise. Thankfully the company's new 2007 line of Doctor Who toys build on that reputation.

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Studying for her doctorate in medicine, Martha Jones was inside Royal Hope Hospital when it was transported to the moon. Showing great bravery in the face of the Plasmavore and the Judoon invaders, the Doctor invited her to travel with him. She was wooed by William Shakespeare, fought Daleks in New York and looked after the Doctor when he was disguised as a human school teacher in 1913. When the Doctor was captured by the Master, Martha travelled the world telling his story of resistance. The psychic energy this gathered helped release the Time Lord. After activating Project Indigo in the face of Davros' Reality Bomb, Martha married Mickey Smith and together they hunted alien threats to Earth.


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