Collection: Pokémon Sword and Shield: Brilliant Stars Expansion

Brilliant Stars is the ninth main Sword & Shield Series expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game and was released on February 25, 2022. In Japan, it was released as Star Birth on January 14, 2022, and is the ninth expansion of the Pokémon Card Game Sword & Shield Era. Brilliant Stars consists of cards sourced from the Japanese Star Birth expansion, the Starter Deck 100, and the VMAX Climax subset.

The expansion centres on the Alpha Pokémon Arceus, which supports the Pokémon V and the new Pokémon VSTAR mechanic. Like their predecessors, evolve from a requisite Pokémon V.
Each one also has an attack or Ability called a VSTAR Power that, much like GX attacks in the Sun & Moon Series, can only be used once in a game.
Other Pokémon supporting the VSTAR mechanic in the expansion include Charizard, Shaymin, and Whimsicott. Brilliant Stars includes a subset of cards named the Trainer Gallery, which comprises Full Art reprints depicting Pokémon alongside a Trainer, a concept last seen in the Cosmic Eclipse expansion.

Each Brilliant Stars booster pack contains ten cards from the expansion, a code card for use with the Pokémon Trading Card Game Live, and either a basic Energy card (featuring a new design) or a VSTAR marker card.
VSTAR markers can be used as a visual aid for players to show if they have used a Pokémon VSTAR's VSTAR Power or not, much like GX markers in the Sun & Moon Series.
Trading Card-sized markers have a white obverse with the VSTAR symbol and black reverse with a Poké Ball design. Acrylic VSTAR markers were available in other products.
  • V Card pull rate = 13.5% per pack
  • Trainer Gallery pull rate = 12% per pack
  • Main Set Fullart pull rate = 3.5% per pack
  • Secret Rare pull rate = 1.9% per pack
  • VStar pull rate = 1.5% per pack
  • Rainbow Rare pull rate = 1% per pack
  • VMax pull rate = 0.8% per pack
  • Gold Card pull rate = 0.8% per pack
  • Alternate Art pull rate = 0.7% per pack

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